Can you make the top 5?

Can you make the top 5?

We’ve all seen eating contests before but this one takes the cake with the addition of the BRAIN FREEZE obstacle! Wanna give it a go and see if you can make the top 5 fastest times? We thought you did!

TO ENTER: simply walk up to your bartender, tell them you’d like to do the #startbarchallenge, and they’ll get you all set up! $10 gets you a one topping pizza of your choice and a 16oz alcoholic slushie. Once your pizza + slushie are ready, your bartender will tell you when to start and will man the clock

GOAL: eat the pizza and drink the slushie as fast as you can! You have to be one of the top 5 fastest times to get your picture up on the board

RULES: all food and drink must be swallowed for your time to stop. The slushie must stay in the cup.

WIN: if you make it in to our top 5 fastest times, your picture goes up on the winners wall, you receive a free Start Bar tee, your $10 challenge meal is free and you get entered to win a Start Bar MINI BAR party package!

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